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About Me


MaryBarreto 2016

With the goal to expand my skills but also life experience, I moved from working as a Vocational Counselor in a school to working with teams of designers and computer scientists. A new chapter had started and I was introduced to Human-Computer Interaction. Since then, I am passionate about User Research and the different strategies used to improve the user and customers’ experience. My goals as a UX Researcher are, understanding the users needs and translating them into usable products and satisfying experiences. My favorite part of the process is learning from first hand, through observation and interviews, how people use products and services. Gather all the insights, share them with the team and redesign these elements to empower people’s lives.

In 2009, I graduated from the Professional Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University in a joint program with the University of Madeira – Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (Madeira-ITI). In order to consolidate the acquired skills and knowledge I started working as a Research Assistant in this institute based in Madeira –Portugal. Currently, I’m a third year PhD candidate. The research topic I am working on is environmental sustainability and eco-feedback technology within the domestic context, more precisely families.

Concerning research interests, I’m curious about Children and Sustainability, and how Environmental Education can contribute in the formation of habits in the long term. In fact Child-Computer Interaction is an area that I care about, since I feel children can be great partners to discover, learn and design with. With them it is about going to the basics and magic, which for me seem to be great ingredients when designing for people and their everyday lives. Other research areas that I’m also interested are Health and Assistive Technology. Whether is the redesign of products that improve health professionals work or even, monitoring habits to help people learn and plan what changes they want to achieve to improve their living conditions.

Thank you for visiting my page. This space showcases my journey in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. As a journey demands, many more steps are to be taken, here’s a glimpse of the working knowledge acquired. If you are interested in my skill set or have any questions you can reach me at maryluizbarreto@gmail.com or through Linkedin.